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Tri-fold brochure design online

Get an eye-catching Trifold brochure design that gives customers the cool experience. Tell the story of your attraction, services or business this most powerful way!

Whether you are starting a company, want to launch a new product or services, quality promotional materials give the perfect essential marketing tool to work with. Trifold and Bifold brochures, flyers, leaflets, newsletters, handbills, posters, trade show handouts, advertising brochures, product data sheets, instruction manuals, banners and other marketing materials provide an established, professional look that instantly tells your customers that you're a legitimate, trustworthy company.

How to get a brochure, flyer, postcard design you'll love

I am professional graphic designer with over 15 years' experience in advertising and graphic design for print and digital media. I create cost effective, print ready and user-friendly stylish brochures and all promotional materials designs.
The Tri-fold Brochure is my on-line graphic design project helping startups, small businesses, non-profit organizations and private subjects to get full custom designed marketing materials.

Follow 5 steps to get your new brochure, flyer, postcard design 

1 choose product2 post design brief  3 get concept4 revise workDownload a new trifold brochure

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Start growing your business with quality marketing materials

If you don't like a Trifold, look here and choose Bifold a.k.a Half-fold or flyer, leaflet, handbill, post card, invitation...They are more formal than tri fold brochures and are intended for organizations, product presentations, catalogues. A full custom cards and invitations are a simple and low-cost sales tool, or the perfect way to reflect your personal style.

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Get the customer's attention

A flyer and brochure are sometimes the first things a prospective client will see and read about your company, so you need to make the first impression count.

A creative design is key to helping your company stand out from the crowd. View my design work to be inspired. If you like it then give me your brief and I'll create something beautiful.

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Tri fold brochure is the workhorse of marketing materials!

Tri-fold brochure is one of the most practical and invaluable marketing tools available to all. They fit them in the envelopes and display racks and can serve as a low-cost sale and popular marketing materials for nearly any business. Tri-fold brochure is a great way to reach your target audience for events, businesses, services...

One of the most commonly used marketing materials

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A Tri-fold brochure is an important marketing and advertising material that showcases a company’s products or services to the prospective buyer in an impressive way to motivate them to purchase a product, use a service or to visit your store or local attraction.

Tri-fold brochure designs are very popular as this standard type of brochure fold is very practical.

Traditional printing or online publishing in digital format?

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Creating digital brochure makes a brochure more informative, effective and comprehensive.

On-line brochure can be the first approach for your marketing campaigns that you release in the market to let people know about your goods and services through the internet quickly. 

It is a clever to use both to get the best results possible.

When you need to pack a lot of information into one place...

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Tri-fold brochure is the great solution when you need to pack a lot of information into one place.

With Tri-fold brochures, you will have more panels to include images and important details about your promotion.

This will help your readers better understand the products or services that you offer.